have been manufacturing peanuts and sesames based snack in Thailand since 1969. With over 35 years of experiences in homemade confectionary, we are certain that our products are simply irresistible after your first bite. It's homemade quality taste of our products that make our customers come back over and over again as our slogan says "ONE BITE THAT'S ALL IT TAKES".
Our Logo

Inspiration behind logo design:

This logo was designed the founder’s eldest son.   His intention is to have a logo that can commemorate his father’s effort of building up this company so the logo was designed around his father’s name ie.  Lee Kwong Meng

The logo was also designed to be used for both local and international market as it bears the company name in both Thai and English.  The details are as follows:

The design of  letter “K” and “M” is also inspired by the founder’s family name “Lee”.  If you rotate the logo clockwise and look carefully you will find that it looks like Chinese character “Lee” (李)

The Yellow colour portion symbolizes brightness and prosperity which is also meaning of Chinese characters “Kwong Meng”.

“Since 1969” banner represents the year of company establishment.

Thai characters stand for “Kwong Meng” which is usually recognized by local customers.